Dr Mervin Messias can assist you with your living (inter vivos) trust.

A living trust is created during your lifetime. A living trust can hold your assets in a trust for your benefit during your lifetime, even if you become disabled (which is an essential benefit). After your passing, your assets continue to be held in the trust for your chosen loved ones.

Dr Mervin Messias empowers you to make the right choices at the right time, to maximize the success of your financial legacy through your living trust. Dr Mervin Messias takes you through the procedures for getting your assets into the protection of your living trust. Dr Mervin Messias explains the documentation in layman’s language to make for easy understanding and use.

Dr Mervin Messias is highly experienced in solving trust matters. He has extensive experience in advising on trust tax issues, conducting trust litigation, and providing trust opinions for litigation matters.


    Dr Mervin Messias resolves disputes amongst trustees and/or beneficiaries.


    Dr Mervin Messias solves trusts with divorces by providing analysis, interpretation, beneficial assistance to achieve maximum benefit, avoiding unpleasant disputes and avoiding unfavourable and/or unfair consequences.


    Dr Mervin Messias assists individuals with all their trust matters.

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