Mervin Messias Trust Specialist

What We Do

Dr Mervin Messias provides his clients with exceptional services in order to meet their unique requirements. Dr Mervin Messias is committed to giving his clients excellent service in order to assist them in the best possible way.

Here are his services:

  • Trusts including trust creations, trust disputes (including trust divorce disputes and disputes between trustees and/or beneficiaries)
  • Estate Planning including financial advice, saving and protecting wealth
  • Wills (preparing wills and will disputes)
  • Providing trust opinions for litigation matters
  • Dealing efficiently with the Master of the High Court’s office
  • Consulting with other attorneys
  • Determining and implementing expert and unique strategies for any of the services provided

Litigation Matters

Dr Mervin Messias can assist you with regards to your estate plan when it comes to threats against your assets, threats against your wealth, or if you are threatened when you become permanently or temporary disabled.


Dr Mervin Messias is able to assist you with creating your will.


    If you already have a plan and wish to consult on us on improvements or changes, we can guide you in fine-tuning your estate plan efficiently for your family.


      A living trust can hold your assets in a trust for your benefit during your lifetime, even if you become disabled (which is an essential benefit). 

      Estate Planning

      We will show you the right way to effectively and efficiently complete your estate plan.

      Our Philosphy

      Our practice endeavours to prompt action. It gives you various planning options for every step of the way, and empowers you to make the right choices at the right time, to maximise your and your family’s emotional and financial successes. It is based on the simple philosophy that knowledge should be with action.

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      Get in touch with Dr Mervin Messias by either contacting him directly or making an appointment with his Executive Assistant:

      Office Number: +27 (0) 11 783 0108

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      104 11th Street, Parkmore, Sandton, Johannesburg
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